The Wanderer is an unnamed, ambiguous and mute character that the player controls throughout Electronic Super Joy, Groove City, and Electronic Super Joy 2. They serve as the central protagonist of the story.


The Wanderer appears to be an armless hero that stands on two legs and wears a cape. In Groove City, it is shown on the main menu that the Wanderer is purple with an orange cape.


Electronic Super JoyEdit

Some time prior, the Wanderer endured hardships in the Disco Wars of 1515 and the War of Rock n' Roll, fighting DJ Deadly Skillz and losing limbs. In the present, they set their sights on reclaiming their entire butt from the Evil Wizard.

Traveling through the lands, they encountered the malice Pope Theo, who makes advances in stopping the Wanderer from seeking the Wizard. While the Pope began piloting his airship and taunted his opposition, the Wanderer was gifted an airship of their own by citizens, leaving the two in a airship fight that weakened his vehicle. Eventually, the Pope crash lands, surviving the impact. In his final hour, he continued to berate the Wanderer, forcing them to murder Theo.


As things began to cool down despite still buttless, the Wanderer's pet dog received a violent assault of gas from Micro-Satan. For the sake of vengeance, the Wanderer took to Micro-Hell, where they are greeted with the demons that guard the path to him.

A Hot Sticky MessEdit

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Electronic Super Joy: Groove CityEdit

The Wanderer traveled through the rebuilt Groove City, in which they were greeted by the people. As soon as the festives went on, the Wanderer bore witness to the destruction of it once more by the Robot Stripper. In a swift motion, they sought the aid of the new pope Boris before heading to the Strip Club. There, the two spoke with Jojo, who explained that she had acted in anger over her stolen Laser Nipples.

The Wanderer and Pope Boris took to the train, where the culprit cheered over possession of Jojo's Laser Nipples. As he disappeared to the skies, the two piloted an airplane to catch the culprit and reclaim the Laser Nipples.

Electronic Super Joy 2Edit

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Electronic Super Joy Boogie Bros = Glorg = Groove Wizard = Mini-Satan = Pope = Wanderer
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City Pope = Jojo = Wanderer
Electronic Super Joy II Lucifer = Santa Claus = Wanderer
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