Run Coward! is the eleventh stage in World Three and the forty-first stage in Electronic Super Joy. Only inches away from reaching their foe, the Wanderer is geared for an intense fight in Hell.



  1. Upon droppng down, there is a warp that transports the player to an alternate part of the map. In order to reach the star at the end of the trail, players must navigate through the projections that guard the area.
  2. A second warp can be seen above a collection of bounce arrows and a moving laser. If timed perfectly, the player can jump and hop through the warp, which will transport them to another part of hte map. This region is tricky, as players will need to move through slippery platforms similarly to how they would in Ice Ice Baby and I Blame My Mother in order to reach this star.
  3. A third, underlying warp can be found sitting across a breeze. After lowering themselves down, players will have to time their jumps here as well in order to access this warp and not collapse to the void. Transported into a new area, players will be challenged by Missile Monsters that fire speedy missiles targeted at them. The star sits at the end if the player survives.


World Three