Michael Todd Games is a small indie team, primarily comprised of Michael Todd, whom have worked on pixelated arcade games, most noticeably Electronic Super Joy. Other installments under the team include its spin-off Electronic Super Joy: Groove City and its in-production sequel Electronic Super Joy II.

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  • Hairy Little Buggers Command your hairy little warriors to dig a city into the ground. Mine, craft & build rooms & new warriors!
  • Little Gardens Explore a world of tiny gardens, shady parks and secret glades. Travel through 3 different worlds, solving puzzles & growing gardens!
  • Silent Skies Silent Skies is a short interactive art piece, made for the GAMMA IV event.
  • Broken Brothers Broken Brothers is a fast paced RTS, with RPG traits.
  • The Scourge A music-based survival game, built with S U P E R B R O T H E R S.
  • Spirit Guide A jetpack adventure game, set in the underworld. A small free game.
  • Engine of War Released in 2007, this game combined fighting monsters with a complex upgrade system using an electrical wiring system!


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Michaelt Todd Games
Founder Michael Todd
Artists Christina Danelon
Composers EnV = GetSix = Goto80 = Reptiore = Twistex
Designers Alex Carpeter = Cassie Chui = Don Nguyen = One Falconer = Michael Todd
Producers Black Majic = CreepinSnake = Kordo Rostam