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In Electronic Super Joy: Groove City, players are granted access to the Level Editor, which provide them with some of the basic tools used to create the stages that are presented in-game.


Under the menu are the needed tools that the player can use to create their level. Players can also start new projects, save and load their creations locally and on a server.


  • Brush allows you to "paint" on the empty canvas to your liking.
  • Delete can erase any sprites placed in the editor.
  • Clone can replicate any sprites of your choice.
  • Look cancels editing and allows you to explore the editor field.


  • Block places an opaque, black block onto the canvas.
    • Detail Block functions to giving Block any features, such as pipes or grass.
  • Player puts the Wanderer sprite onto the canvas; this will serve as their starting point.
  • Checkpoint places a flag checkpoint on the canvas; during playtesting, this will save the player's position in the stage.
  • White Star allows the editor to place stars on their stage.
  • Portal allows the editor to put an end to the stage.
  • Scroll Trigger automatically sets the game to horizontally scroll from left to right.
  • Follow Trigger sets the game to follow the player's position in the level.
For further explanation for these entities, see Gimmicks.
  • Bounce Arrow
  • Explo Platform
  • Spike Ball
    • Spikeball Rotating
    • Spikeball Vertical
    • Spikeball Horizontal
    • Spikeball Smash
  • Frog
    • Frog Left
    • Frog Right
    • Frog Down
    • Frog Up
  • Laser
    • Laser Left
    • Laser Right
    • Laser Down
    • Laser Up
    • Laser 4-Way
  • Ice
    • Ice Smalll
    • Ice Medium
    • Ice Large
  • Sticky Wall


Styles sets the background for the level.

  • None leaves the background empty.
  • Tower City sets the background to an urbanized area filled with tall towers.

Play TestEdit

During Playtests, the player is able to perform a practice run of their newly-created level for its playability. Sprites will run as they normally are, and functions will activate properly. Upon reaching the Portal, the playtest will end. Players are also able to escape the playtest through [ESC] or clicking the Escape button at the top of the screen.

All playtests will have FireFrost by EnV as the background track. There are no methods to change this.

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  • Upon entering the Level Editor, all sounds in the game--music, sound effects, or otherwise--will become mute.