Icon Name Description Unlock Method
Popetastic Light the Pope-Signal.
A Whole Benz Full Reach the Strip Club. Reach the level Strip Club.
Fo' Shizzle My Nipples Recover the Laser-Nipples.
Conspiracy Theroy Find a Secret Area. Locate a secret in any of the levels in Electronic Super Joy: Groove City.
Black Helicopters Find 5 Secret Area.
Starry-eyed Score at least 5000 points, total, from the Quest for the Laser-Nipples levels. Reach the high score of 5,000 or more points in Electronic Super Joy: Groove City.
Missile Bait Touch 100 Black Stars. Collect 100 black stars throughout the levels.
Bleedin' Thumb Beat Quest For The Laser-Nipples in one play session. Complete Electronic Super Joy: Groove City in one sitting.
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