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May cause seizures!
Also, motion sickness!
Tons of crude language!
Pixelated violence and murder!
Sexual content!
" ― Caution screen[source]
Electronic Super Joy is an indie platformer created by Michael Todd Games.

Story and GameplayEdit

One day, the Wanderer lost their butt to the Evil Wizard. Rather than let it be, they set out on an adventure through rhythmic scenes to reclaim their butt and defeat the Wizard.

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The game features over 60 challenging levels, 3 bosses, and secrets that are spread throughout each of the Worlds. Players are given the ability to jump, stomp, and fly to reach their goal, killing enemies and avoiding hazards put around them.

The game also has a purchasable Bonus Content DLC, which gives customers two new levels, artwork, and the original soundtrack, composed by EnV.


Upon development of the game, it was originally a prototype referred to as Techno Ninja; it consisted of 20 minutes of gameplay in a single, extensive level, using one track by EnV, a pink background, and granted players the ability to double jump and ground-pound (later altered to Smash). Though the game was initially meant to release some time in 2012, it was postponed, released on August 23, 2013.[1]

Electronic Super Joy consisted of 45 playable levels within three worlds, each with a boss that required completing several levels to reach. Some time later, the game updated with a new, secret world that required players collect stars from the other three worlds before accessing, the fourth world containing five challenging additions. It also added a winter world with three bonus levels.


Electronic Super Joy was very positive reviews from many who purchased and played the game. Kyle MacGregor Burleson of Destructoid reviewed that the game was "visually stunning, hilarious, and brutally challenging," rating the game "9/10."[2] Jessica Conditt of Joystiq also critiqued the soundtrack; "Rock out and get your hardcore platforming on."[3] IGN referred to Electronic Super Joy as "indie gaming with style."[4]

The game also gained popularity from YouTube playthroughs with larger audiences. Critiques from these included Droqen of Starseed Pilgrim, RageQuit of Rooster Teeth, the Game Grumps, iHasCupquake, Markiplier, and Sevadus.




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